Megaplex Madness 2

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Megaplex Madness 2

Time Management
  • New improved higher resolution graphics!
  • 50 new highly detailed achievements add a new level of depth.
  • Fun improved drag, tap, spin actions for Arcade and Gumball stations.
  • All new intro story sets you up perfectly to get into the action!
  • A whopping 200 newly polished levels for hours and hours of fun!

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Megaplex Madness 2

Megaplex Madness 2 draws you into a world of customer management like no other with quirky customers, unique themed theaters, upgrades galore, and simple yet addictively fun strategic gameplay!

After successfully saving all five of Movieville's historic movie theaters from demolition in the first installment of the Megaplex Madness series. You announce to a cheering crowd of your plans to construct a massive modern megaplex with Sci-Fi, Action, Romance, Western, and Horror themed theaters!

It won't be easy, in fact it might even be madness! But it'll sure be fun as you build your bank roll to construct and decorate your very own megaplex in -= Megaplex Madness 2 =- !


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