Megaplex Madness: Now Playing - Tips n Tricks

Displayed here are tips that should allow you to finally get past that stubborn level your stuck on or finally hit Master to get that repair you want for your theater.

Upgrade Tips

First you need to buy stations customers use most often. Obvious ones are Box Offices (ticket icon) and Ticket Booths (movie icon). Then once you have more than one of each of those start purchasing more concession stations like Popcorn, Pizza, Pop, Chocolate bars, etc. Least important are the bonus stations like the Arcade, Recycle Bin, and Gum Ball Machine, but you'll need them eventually.

You need multiple stations before anything so you can continue your Color Combos. This is probably the single most important strategy for Megaplex Madness. Always try to keep your Color Combos going, even if that means loosing 1 heart to keep at +3 color combo going: do it!

Hiring more employees is the next most important purchase you can make. Because this will give you the ability to serve multiple customers at once.

Least important are upgrades to specific stations to make them faster. But this can be handy for really hard levels later in the game.

Game-Play Strategy Tips

Tip! You keep money made during a level even if it is failed. So it is unwise to restart a level, simply play through it even if your going to fail.

Like mentioned in the upgrades section Color Combos are the key to Megaplex Madness. Here is some advice on how to keep your color combos going when you don't have the matching color of customer.

  • 1 - Be patient: don't give customers what they want without thinking, plan a few move ahead depending on what characters you have on screen.
  • 2 - Click and hold idle characters whenever possible as their hearts do not go down while you hold them.
  • 3 - If needed sacrifice a single heart to keep your Color Combos going.
  • 4 - Whenever a Swap Combo is available, take it as it is worth 10 extra points, on top of the points the two customers will make with hearts and color combos.

Good Luck and have fun!

Further Help

If you still need help or have technical issues please contact Big Fish Games or more specifically their help page.